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Grave mound near Hvedstrup

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

You don't have to drive far from Copenhagen, before you are in the country side, with farms, animalts and cornfields. It is also here you are reminded of you ancesters, as most of the fields are scattered with Grave mounds going from early Stoneage up through the Bronze age.

Hvedstruphøj Grave Mound
Hvedstruphøj Grave Mound

The Bronze age going from around 1500 to 500 bc, has left it's marks on our landscape with these burial mounds, who paticually in this area are know for being extensive lined up along old roads leading from south to north.

Hvedshøj Grave Mound

Hvedshøj Grave Mound is what is a great tomb from the Bronze Age built around 1,400 BC. During an excavation in 1862, was found a gold-plated bronze sword. A mound such as Hvedshøj Grave Mound was primary built of a large amounts of turf. For a mound the size of Hvedshøj, the grass was peeled off areas the size of 10 football pitches.

Hvedstruphøj Grave Mound
Hvedstruphøj Grave Mound

A burial mound like this therefore consists of quite fine soil, and it has always been tempting for the farmers to snatch a bite every year during plowing. Unfortunately, many mounds have over time been removed after being slowly removed by plowing - only in recent times have the mounds been completely protected.

Around 1850, the parish priest in Hvedstrup, allowed his young student son to dig in Hvedshøj. He found several remains of an oak coffin grave as well as 8 Bronze Age objects: two knives, a button, a pair of tweezers, a needle, an awl, a vessel and a beautiful sword, whose 'grip tongue' (grip) was coated with gold plate and wrapped with thin narrow gold ribbons .

Other mounds in this area.

Not far from Hvedstruphøj, it possible to see other remains from our past. Below are some pictures of a almost vanished Grave mound and a mound from the stoneage.

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