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I am an independent photographer based in Copenhagen, and mainly is specializing in street, documentary photography and outdoor photography.

It is behind the camera that do I feel most freedom and purpose, and everyday I'm learning the power of imagery, and love the simple joy of exploring and seeking magic in our world with my camera.

Almost everywhere I go, I carry my camera with me. I like to be inspired by the what I photograph, and with each image I take, I learn more and more about subject, what makes us unique and the forces that connect us together. 

My goal is to produce images that are honest and true to the profound people, the human experiences and scenes that provide the blueprint. Our world is always moving, always evolving and always transforming. But what remains constant is the raw human element – our emotions, and that is what I seek to capture in my images. It is what provides photographs with truth, intimacy and poetry.

My Cameras:

  • Leica M Monochrom (Type 246)

  • Leica Q 

  • Leica M9

  • Leica M6 (Analog)

  • Leica X-Vario

Soren Sciera

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