• Soren Sciera

The secret appartment

At a time when the new Metro line is on everyone's lips and seeks, I have chosen to bring a picture of the tunnel tube to Track 12 at Copenhagen Central Station, which perhaps already in 1911 was perhaps the first draft of a Metro in Copenhagen.

Track 12 at Copenhagen Main Train Station
Track 12 at Copenhagen Main Train Station

There is a little sweet story attached to just Track 12. Because in connection with a renovation, some craftsmen came across a small apartment, in a ventilation room that had not been used for many years.

Entrance was a small limb at the top of the room leading out to track 12 where the S-trains run.

Residents have had an S-train plan hanging on the wall so they knew when it was safe to leave their secret appartment.

What met the craftsmen were brooms, cleaning products, and two bunk beds, where the bedclothes were sewn old mailbags. The furniture was built of old barrier material, and on the walls were neatly set up picture frames with pictures of everything from smiling people to newspaper clippings from a train accident in Sorø.

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